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cover Gently Broken: Short Story Intro into the crazy world of Kelsa and Renee 

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Blurb: Sex is great.
Partying is great.
Love damn stressful.

Best friends Kelsa and Renee do not disagree on much, that is, until it comes to love and sex.
Renee may be too sweet and Kelsa may be too wild, but if they stick together, they may learn something.


Ava Alise Dirty Flirting E-Book

Dirty Flirting: Part One (Gently Broken Series)

Release Date September 2nd.

Dirty Flirting: Part One is now LIVE on Amazon and KU:

“Sometimes one kiss is enough to change everything.”


Easy hookups, no commitments, kinky fun. That’s my motto after what I’ve been through with men. I’m all about enjoying sex without any needy attachments. Been there, done that. All the romance and happily ever after mess? Maybe I’ll try again at 30.

But then this guy happens… DREXEL ADAMS

After a searing kiss, our little flirting game seems more like foreplay. He’s hot as F$&%, and he’s filthy in bed.

He’s everything I crave… until he asks for more.

Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

:COMING SOONAva Alise Blue I'll show you what happens when you tempt me!coming soon Ava Alise -I should end the game. It's not helping but every time he speaks those dirty words I can't resist.-COMING SOON AVA ALISE RED THONGI can't stop thinking about fucking you. It's driving me crazy.